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London Music EventsMusic Events

London Music EventsMusic Events

Manny Norté & Taylah Elaine

03 Dec 22

#TheNameYouCanTrust is stepping into the rink. Fresh from his show on Capital Xtra Manny Norté represents LDN and the skate community. Joining him will be the formidable Taylah Elaine - Founder of @plus1_radio and here as a future leader of London subculture - her station is now home to 90 resident DJs globally with a focus on showcasing next generation female DJ talent. But first is one of Flipper's new skate Community DJs - Nique J.

DJ Touchie & MrMadeYouLook

07 Dec 22

Wednesday night at Flipper's is Community Night. A home for LDN’s skaters to unite and roll together. Every week expect to see our Skate Community DJs playing a full spectrum of skate classics representing scenes from all over the world. This week will feature DJ Touchie and MrMadeYouLook.

Juls & Larizzle

10 Dec 22

The self-proclaimed 'Master of Groove' steps into the rink - Juls is global production superstar. Think Burna Boy, Stormzy and everyone in between, he's Ghanaian royalty for sure. If that wasn't enough we're bringing one of the biggest names in LDN to accompany him - Larizzle, who is a BBC and Homecoming Festival favourite and a champion of AfroHouse. First up this evening is a community favourite - Petite DJ.

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